University Of Utah Independent Contractor Agreement

6 where possible, but no later than forty-eight (48) hours before the expiry of a period for such disclosure. In addition, after consultation with the university, the service provider, after the expiry or early termination of the agreement, will destroy the university`s data in a way that fully protects the confidentiality of the academic data, or (ii) will return to the university all the university`s choice. The expiry or termination of this agreement by one of the parties does not end the permanent confidentiality obligations imposed on the parties under the terms of this agreement. 8. Relationship of the parties. The relationship between the contracting parties is exclusively that of the contractor and the contractor. When the obligations of this agreement are covered and fulfilled, the university and the service provider each act as independent parties and are not considered or represented as a joint venture, partner, agent or collaborator of the other. 9. Early termination and remedy. Any contracting party may at any time, for whatever reason, terminate the agreement by communicating it in writing to the other party at least () days. At the end of the notice period, this contract terminates without any liability to any party other than the commitments, rights and obligations incurred prior to the termination date.

The termination provided by this provision does not justify the right to withdraw payments made before the date of termination, but the university is not required to pay compensation to the claimant for a period after the termination date. In addition to the contracting parties who have another information available under this agreement or in law or equity, the parties also have the following termination rights. If one of the parties is late in executing a substantial clause, contract or condition of this agreement, the non-failing party may notify the defaulting party of a written notification of that violation, and that defaulting party has 10 days to remedy a money violation and 30 days schedule to remedy another breach. , unless the provisions of this agreement see others. If such a party is not the cause of such an offence during such a healing period, the non-failing party may terminate this contract. The various rights and remedies of the parties in this agreement are cumulative and none of them are construed as exclusive to either or a right, priority or remedy authorized or provided for by this agreement or by law or justice. 10. Registration retention, audit fees and reports. The service provider maintains detailed accounting documents for all goods and services provided under this agreement and maintains all of these records for a period of at least three (3) years after the end of the agreement.